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This is version 0.8-SNAPSHOT 2017-04-04T11:02:12Z, Git commit 0a6b57 04.04.2017 @ 10:50:01 CEST.


This tool allows you to authenticate to an XDI endpoint using a cloud name and a secret token, and to perform various common operations on that XDI endpoint.

The XDI Operator serves similar purposes as the XDI Discoverer and XDI Messenger tools, but on a higher level.

Discoverable information

The following information can be discovered from either the registry service or the XDI authority:

  • The Cloud Number.
  • The XDI endpoint URI of the XDI authority.
  • One or more public keys associated with the XDI authority.
  • A list of additional services associated with the XDI authority.

External Call

The fields of the XDI Operator tool can be "pre-filled" by passing them as URI parameters as follows:

  • "input": The XDI identifier on which to perform discovery.
  • "endpoint": The XDI endpoint URI of registry service.