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This is version 0.8-SNAPSHOT 2018-12-29T09:32:16Z, Git commit 12602b 09.04.2018 @ 14:00:57 CEST.


This is an experimental tool for encrypting and decrypting XDI (sub-)graphs. This functionality is expected to be primarily used in XDI Messaging.

The following information is required in this tool:

  • An input graph.
  • A cryptographic key.
  • The address of the sub-graph that will be encrypted / decrypted.

Several examples are provided with meaningful combinations of the above.

If you get the error "Unknown serialization format", use the XDI Validator to debug your graph.


All encryption and decryption operations require cryptographic keys:

  • Encrypt RSA: An RSA public key
  • Decrypt RSA: An RSA private key
  • Encrypt AES: An AES symmetric key
  • Decrypt AES: An AES symmetric key