XDI2      See https://xdi2.org/ for information, and Github projectdanube/xdi2 for code.
This is version 0.8-SNAPSHOT 2018-12-29T09:32:16Z, Git commit 12602b 09.04.2018 @ 14:00:57 CEST.

XDI2 (“XDI Two”) is a general-purpose, lightweight and modular Java implementation of XDI specifications.
This is an example deployment of an XDI2 server with a set of web-based XDI tools.

Click here for the local XDI server admin interface: https://server.xdi2.org/xdi/

XDI Tools

XDI Parser XDI Validator XDI Converter
XDI Messenger XDI Local Messenger XDI Peer Messenger
XDI Discoverer XDI Encrypter XDI Signer
XDI Registrar XDI Operator XDI Grapher


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